quick sketch

This sketch took about 30min to finish. Since I'm on a long vacation, I constantly have images popping in my head when I'm driving, sleeping, eating, etc. I'm trying to make a habit of sketching these ideas down ASAP so I won't forget. I'll have more of these soon. Enjoy.


Stuart Kim said...


fabulous! This is one of my favorite paintings that I've seen from you! Is this the Battlestar Galactica inspiration you mentioned yesterday? Man, it all works perfectly together. Love the angle and the looseness of the objects and terrain. Depth is perfect. Do more of these during the break and upload them, ok?

Great work!

ArunRaj said...

Is this starting sketch of yours' in digital? i really want to be a concept artist. it would be great if you give a bit guidance to me! I know you are busy now a days...just asked with the eager and with passion.! love your works.