Exersketch Episode One

I'm currently working at NoJobo Studios where I spend alot of time doing "random" things. This week, I decided that I needed boot camp to keep my art circulation going. I was looking at alot of architecture references online and I was fascinated by some of the older areas in Hong Kong. I did use references for some of the more complex details. I wanted to savor the drawing aspect and then take it to the painting later on. Here it is so far in progress. The layout took more than a couple of hours. Enjoy! (btw...Nojobo Studios is a joke for No Job:) )


Sketch Medley

I'm reorganizing some old files lately and ran across some old sketches and ideations for props. A lot of sketches and drawings accumulated over a year. I didn't even remember some of these drawings I worked on honestly. That's how fast a year goes by when you're bombarded by work. I tend to shy away showing these sketches because there are so many great artists out there that do it better than I. Here they are anyways. Enjoy!