Since it's been really busy at work, I didn't have time to draw a nice picture so I did a sketch of my family with my right hand for fun. Brings me back to when I was 3 ft tall.


ship doodles

Got bored watching a movie and ships floated into my brain.


Resistance: Fall of Man - Concept Art

Here are paintings that have been done for Resistance: Fall of Man. It was fun working on these paintings along with an amazing environment concept team. Kudos to Kinman Chan, Rolf Mohr, Darren Quach, Roland Tamayo, and John Wu for inspiration.

Back from the dead.....

Yes, I am back after three months of "sabbatical". It has been so busy at work that I had no energy to keep up the blog. However, this week sparked something in me to start it up again. Thanks Stu for kicking my arse back into this.
Since Resistance has been out for awhile, I've always wanted to show one of the myriad matte plates I worked on for the in-game cinematics before post effects were added in.