To Infinity and Beyond!!

I started this piece a couple of weeks in piecemeal knowing that my daughter Alison will be born this week. Knowing what many parents go through with their first child (no sleep), my time for personal art will be cut in half if none at all. I'll sneak in a few vehicles like I promised (when baby is asleep). There will probably be a blackout for a few weeks after this posting. Enjoy!

This is a tribute to one of my all time heroes, Stephan Martiniere. His work is truly inspiring and perhaps influenced alot of my own work up to now. I had alot of fun attending his workshop a few weeks ago.


My Website and R2 Artwork

I've recently updated my website highlighting some of the concept art I did in the past three years for Ratchet and Clank Future as well as Resistance 1 and 2. Please feel free to check it out. There are still some things I need to update, but I'll get to that later. In the meantime, here are some images from Resistance 2.
If you haven't played R2 (Resistance 2) please check it out and support the team at Insomniac. These guys are great people with great talent and they worked their butts of to make a great game. It was an amazing feat to pull something like this in a year, but this is what Insomniac's reputation is known for.

I'm hoping to post some more personal stuff soon of my own based off the stuff I'm learning at work relating to vehicle design. I've been getting hooked on drawing mechanical stuff and such. On a side note, it's been a very educational and humbling month at the new job since I'm getting my arse grilled and working closely with some phenomenal talent. It feels like first term at Art Center all over again. Love it!! Ok, maybe that's stretching it a bit. :)

A big thanks to Kevin, Patrick, and Todd( the enforcer) for keeping me in check everyday. I'm going to grow alot more because of you guys. Gatchaman Go!

In the meantime enjoy if you haven't seen the site already!