To Infinity and Beyond!!

I started this piece a couple of weeks in piecemeal knowing that my daughter Alison will be born this week. Knowing what many parents go through with their first child (no sleep), my time for personal art will be cut in half if none at all. I'll sneak in a few vehicles like I promised (when baby is asleep). There will probably be a blackout for a few weeks after this posting. Enjoy!

This is a tribute to one of my all time heroes, Stephan Martiniere. His work is truly inspiring and perhaps influenced alot of my own work up to now. I had alot of fun attending his workshop a few weeks ago.


Gavin said...

Hi Brian, It's really nice to see more work after some weeks of pondering and being inspired by R2 :)

Congratulations on the great news, too! It's really, really amazing to hear that you're expecting a new one :)

Matt Scheuerman said...

This is beautiful. definitely a great piece to show your little one someday when they're old enough to understand.

I love the cat and the blue halo around the thrusters

Jason Scheier said...

wow man, amazing work!

Mr Colin said...

Hey man,

Thanks for your support! i really appreciate it! This is totally awesome, can really tell you are a huge fan of his. Goodluck and congrats with your new baby! May you sleep eventually!

Stuart Kim said...

Dude, that cat....I can't take my eyes off that cat. Is that pepper time-warped 150 years into the future? I like the way this design shows off the enormous scale of that ship. The curved silohuette really directs your eye in a strong sweeping motion and creates a strong sense of anticipated energy...further reinforced by that ship taking off in the background. I don't want to be caught anywhere near those exhausts when the engines ignite! Well done! BTW, how big is the original file?

Ang said...

Hey Brian!
First off, I want to congratulate you!!! It's really exciting to hear the news! That painting is really nice! I wish I couldve attended the workshop!! Haha, anyways, hope all goes well during the blackout! Best wishes!


Mark Taihei said...

hey brian.
great painting too.

John Wu said...

Congrats Brian. Great work as usual!

Simon Scales said...

Hey Brian
awesome piccy mate
good luck on the parenting duties LOL!!

jabraniho said...

hey brian,

his my all time hero too.=)
nice piece. love the cat.hehe
and congratulation with your new baby!!


Justin Yun said...

This is awesome! I love the colors!

Anonymous said...



Erik D. Martin said...

Hey Brian!

I hope your having a safe and wonderful holiday! Sweet paintings as always!

man you need to teach the environment class again!

Brian Yam said...

Thanks for the kind comments everyone. It's been pretty hectic being a dad. Although, I think I lucked out on some areas that I've been warned about before. I'll tr to post more things soon. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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