Mr. Ed bought the farm

A sketch piece I did awhile back which never saw the day of light.


It was a great vacation, but my Wii can't be found!

Hello friends,

I apologize for not updating the blog for a couple of weeks. We had just returned from vacation and no computer was to be found on our trip. During the vacation, I had started a Wii-quest which ended in absolute failure. The Nintendo Wii is nearly impossible to find! Although, a few of PS3's were seen at several locations. This has been driving me nuts, but life goes on. I don't want it...it's just a console...mmmm..hmm (denial sets in).

Blogging will continue next week once I get my head back into work mode. 2007 will be a busy year! I have been posting some past work on CGtalk and other sites as well and have been very well received so far. This year will be a full push ahead for my goals as a professional artist both inside and outside of work. I will post future works here as well. Stayed tuned. Thanks for your support.