Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time Concepts

Here are some very early blue sky concepts from the game I worked on last year before departing. I don't know if these made it in the final game.


Uncharted 2 stuff

Uncharted 2 is out so I can show some of the things I worked on. Since I came in late into the project, there's not much stuff worth showing. I did mostly concepts for outsourcing and some small tasks left over. Here are a few things below:
The top image was a pre-visualization on the gate to Shangri-la in the Gompa tunnel and it's animation mechanics below that.
The next two are sketches for one of the dig-temple doorway designs and the SLA crossbow ortho used later in the game.
The last two were most fun to do. These were some of the texture images were mimicking the cheesy Bollywood posters in the Nepal Warzone level. You have to look carefully in the level to find theseI had to make these look really bad in a good way if that makes sense.
(Yes, that is Rodrigo in the poster in case you were wondering)