Brian Yam- New Online Tutorial Available Now!

Hey Guys,

In the past few months, I was fortunate to be asked by the folks at cmiVFX to do a online video tutorial on one aspect of concept design, props. The video is released today. Please be sure to check it out! Thanks for the support!



CDA vehicle demo

This was a demo from our class based on our project theme theme: Mass Effect. This was an exercise done from line drawing to render


Gouache Landscape Painting with Mike Hernandez

Mike Hernandez is doing a painting workshop on October 21-23. Mike is an awesome painter and instructor whom I had the pleasure taking a landscape class with during Art Center. He's a funny guy also. If you are interested in taking his class, be sure to sign up soon as spaces will run out fast.


CDA FALL 2011 Vehicles and Props Class

Hello Bloggers!

I will be teaching class again this fall over at Concept Design Academy in Pasadena. It's going to be a fun class for those of you who want to dive more into designing vehicles and props for entertainment. There are 2 more spots left! If you're interested, please sign up. See you there!



Here were a couple of sketches done a couple of weekends ago. The bottom picture of the bus stop has an interesting abstract pattern which I imagined a composition for a "base or ship" of some sort. I decided to go with the flow on that one. Enjoy!


Film study

A shot study from 'Alien' from one of my favorite films and director Ridley Scott. I love the shape language of the designs.


Some Gatchaman concepts

Some works from past projects.


Another sketch

Here's a sketch I did a year ago which I forgot about. This was done using mainly texture brushes. Enjoy.


2011 Update

Hello All,

It's been one crazy journey the past year and I sincerely apologize for not posting anything since the last post. Lots of things happened good and bad. We decided to move back down to LA since things did not quite flow the way we expected. One thing, nobody expected the closure at IMD (bad). Luckily, my family and I were prepared for that ahead of time and planned accordingly. The good thing was spending time with family up north for a year(good). Priceless. I gained a lot of valuable experience in the last couple of years and met a lot of amazing talent. The last job was a great experience and I learned quite a bit in the limited time we had. In the end, Los Angeles was a place we recognized as our home and now we're back.

Here is something to tie you guys over until I cook something up. This was a piece derived from a similar template I used earlier. Enjoy!