Pet Project Part 1

These are just a few ideas scribbled on post-it notes based on Pepper's (my other cat) personality and a dream I had about my cats driving vehicles. The design is based off litterboxes since Pepper love to ****. I wanted to get this down in some form before I forget. This wasn't what I had in mind for vehicles mentioned earlier, but this could turn out to be fun so I'll continue with this. I might proceed with turn arounds at some point if it's successful. I'll post more later if I get a break from babysitting. Cheers.


Gavin said...

Hi Brian, I hope you and your little ones have been well :) The designs all look like they could actually be real! Maybe you could end up having them made some time hehe

The centre-left design is brilliant - I can imagine a cute little cat steering their way around the house!


Brian said...

thanks for your kind words Gavin.

gaohui said...

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