Humble beginnings

I found these old paintings I did in school about four years ago. Looking back at these, I really miss the feel of plein air painting. Also, I like to document my old stuff just to see where I've grown. It's painful to look at your old stuff at times.

I do most of my stuff in digital these days. Ironically, I was very much against digital painting coming out of Art Center because I felt it robbed the spirit of painting (not true). Second, I didn't know jack about painting in Photoshop nor the many uses of it. Now I'm a convert. Currently, I am spoiled by digital painting because you take mistakes for granted with a touch of a keystroke. I will get back into analog, but for now, digital is king.


Stuart Kim said...

Man, I remember seeing these a ways back. It was after I was kicked out of ACCD for not being able to paying my tuition. We were both going to NCC back then as well. We were both still single and basically had the same hair cut and the same car. Things have changed a lot in 4 years. These pieces bring back some good old memories.

Brian Yam said...

Yes Stuart. People probably thought we were partners too. Remember when we used to come to church with very similar clothes? That was scary. Also, people get us mixed up alot.