Oomasa Sushi Downtown L.A.

My wife and I went to Little Tokyo for dinner tonight at Oomasa Restaurant. It's a great place for sushi. I was looking at the sushi bar and noticed the ornamentation of the overhang. The lighting exploited the beauty of the laquer finish of the wood. I couldn't pass this one up with a sketch. Woop here it is!


Stuart Kim said...

You are a blogging maniac! I've never seen so many posts of run-time work in one day! Before even reading the title I knew where this was. You captured it well. Did you work off of a digital photo or paint out of your head? It's pretty hard to paint a dark scene accurately, but this one looks great! I love what you did with the warm-cool interaction of color. We should swap brush techniques sometime. Also, maybe you should add some customers to give the scene a bit of bustle. Things like subtle steam coming from green tea cups and sushi chefs mingling gestures with the people. Now I'm getting hungry.

Good work dude!

Brian Yam said...

Thanks Stu. I had the luxury of bringing my camera that night. I was out collecting reference for my library yesterday. The sketch was done from photo. The bamboo post was out of my head. I need to do that more to train my color senses since it is poor.

dq said...

Howdy Yam!
Nice comp you got there! I looked at your site again and it's already got a ton of stuff man! Keep it up!

Brian Yam said...

Hey D!

Thanks. This blog thing forces me to sketch something everyday. I can't wait to see what you come up with soon.