Japanese Tea Garden

I started making stuff up not remembering the exact details. I think it'll hold up though. Perhaps I'll do more with those trees on the left later. This is a fun excercise for the night. Got to sleep now. Nighty night


Stuart Kim said...


All I can say is wow! Dang, Sweet, Dope! Great composition and colors. This is out of your head? You are a sick, sick man. Now I gotta get off my recliner and start doing stuff! If you add some more details like you plan to, that'll be super fine!

Great job man!

Brian Yam said...

Thanks Stu. Not entirely out of my head. Some specific details of the fascade I had to look up, but lighting and trees are.

Stuart Kim said...

Nevertheless, it is a great piece. I think it would be nice to do a high res version, get it printed and framed like what you did for Nucleus. Except use a more "wood-based" frame texture instead of the one used with the metal sheen. It'll be stunning.