Imaginary Spaces Art

Here are three images from the Imaginary Spaces show.


echoform said...

neat! sorry i couldn't make it. i hope to see these before they take it down.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian,
these are some great pieces!
how was the show?

edwinushiro said...

Bro, these were super awesome! By far one of my favorites. Where were you? I showed up around 930. Maybe we just missed each other. Saw: Ryder, Dee & Jacinda, Andy, DJ Steve, & Ed. Hope all is well. Happy Holidays!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow it was really great to see you're work at the Nucleus gallery! Hope to see more in the future.

Brian Yam said...

Hey! Thanks for the comments and support guys! I must have missed some of you at the show, but I was there. Edwin, I think we missed each other somehow because I was in the back catching up with some folks. You had some nice stuff as well! I loved the texture treatment you did with your paintings esp the framed piece.