Painting 101

Back to the basics.....with real paint! It's been several years since I painted traditionally. Shame on me! So today I decided to go to an art store to buy a few tubes of paint. Prices on art supplies really went up! More reason to paint digitally....haha :P

This was painted at night from my deck. It was quite a feat considering getting back into it after a long time, but nothing is more rewarding than true painting. And yes...my car magically transformed into an Toyota Echo at midnight, really! This was painted with acrylic on a 4x6 panel. I'll be doing more of these life studies frequently. Enjoy!


echoform said...

your bravery to use real paint is inspiring. i've been meaning to paint for real too, but no dice yet. i guess we have a duty to keep windsor newton, liquitex and other paint companies afloat. keep up the good work!!!

frank said...

really nive. like the shadow work