Environment Design

Hello Everyone,

There is still space for Environment Design at Concept Design Academy.  If you like designing environments for games, please check it out.  Thanks!



I finally have some free time to do a painting.  Sorry for the long needed update.


Balloon + Cat

Our cat Pepper loves to eat my daughter's balloons whenever she gets an opportunity.


Another Lost Planet 3 concept art...

Here is another painting I did awhile back.....enjoy!


Lost Planet 3 Concepts

Here are a few concepts I worked on early in the project that have been made public.  Enjoy!


Lost Planet 3

Hello bloggers!

Check out the trailer and screenshots for our new project Lost Planet 3! This is the project I have been working on for quite sometime now and it is finally announced today. Enjoy!


Updates of old work

Here are some art that were done when I was working with Doug Chiang and his team over a year ago.